26 August, 2009

Is my Vista sexy or not?!

A little delight for those of you who are crazy about tuning your computers to get the maximum of visual appearance.

In order to get these desktops I have used Windows Blinds. A great application which turns the usual, static desktop that generally Windows comes with, into THIS!


NOTE: I have made the images clickable, they will link to my Flickr page, where I have posted them too.

So this is the first screen. I am applying the theme.

Amazing skin in Windows Vista


This second one shows my icons grouped according to their functionality. You will notice multimedia ones, network, IM and emails, system tools, games.

Amazing skin in Windows Vista


Here, Object Dock + Start menu. As you notice, I can start it from a button in the middle of the deck. And that dragon on the start menu, it is actually breathing fire! It is animated, I mean.

Amazing skin in Windows Vista


Here, it is a screenshot of the screen you get when you enter My Computer. Made it transparent!

Amazing skin in Windows Vista


And this is another screen with transparency, but this time somewhere else.

Amazing skin in Windows Vista


And now, I have one last picture. It does not belong to me,LogonStudio_ss7

it is downloaded from the Stardock.com website, and I want to ask those of you who are familiar with Stardock apps, how on Earth could I get this logon screen?!


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