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Old Italian Fiat

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Sunset in Marina di Carrara

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2 under 1 moon

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25 March, 2010

NIKON Camera Bag II for sale

Hi folks. I have a brand new Nikon Camera Bag II for sale. Brand new, never been used. The reason I am putting it up for sale is that it is too small for my gear. And I personally am still searching for something larger fit enough to carry my stuff. The price is CZK1,200 (slightly negotiable), and the only way to deliver it is in person.

I won’t mail it since I don’t speak Czech and the ladies from the Ceska Posta don’t speak English. To avoid all that I decided I will sell it only here in Prague. Please see a picture of what it looks like below. Click the picture to see the full size.

If interested, contact me and let’s discuss details.

Nikon Camera Bag II

27MAR10 11:00 – ITEM SOLD

24 March, 2010

The world is going to an end [at least I dream so]

It is not very common to have a dream in one random night and to continue it in the very following one. I personally can’t recall when this last happened to me… until lately.

Two nights ago I had the weirdest dream of all. I dreamt I was somewhere in the US, I felt it as Miami, and I was so much amazed of the city. White beaches, summer all the way, palm trees everywhere. Suddenly the weather changed, it turned rainy, windy and it was about dawn. As I was wandering off streets at some point people started screaming and running towards the opposite direction I was heading to… I turn my eyes and what do I see? There was the biggest tsunami ever, coming to smash everything in its way. Everybody was screaming and running in panic, and I… I just stood there.

I almost forgot about this dream… until last night. As I doze off to sleep, I dreamt I was in a post-big-catastrophe. The city around me was ruined following a global cataclysm, there were cars smashed everywhere, there was chaos all around. People were crying on the streets and the next I see was a supermarket, partially destroyed. I was inside, under a security camera. I was looting for food, and not minding at all that cam that was on me.

I woke up feeling very uncomfortable. I thought to myself, to give myself some peace of mind that there is no sea where I live now (that’s Prague in the Czech Republic). There is no sea. And I definitely don’t plan to move to the US.

22 March, 2010


As I was in the tram going to work, in the morning, I’ve seen a transvestite. A real obvious one. I don’t personally have anything against queers or gays or any other dysfunctional minorities, I just found it… interesting. Why so? He was like 50-60 years old, very bad and pronounced make-up, ultra-red fake nails, bald and partially blonde, big-framed pink (!!!) glasses and had his hands full of kitsch-jewelries. A lame attempt to de-masculine himself.

That was in the morning.

In the evening, on the way back, same tram. This time who do I see? Another “lost brother”, this one would wear a black long cloak (just like the guy who played the Crow if you remember), and black glasses that covered half of his face. I must say that I finished work at 20h20, and outside is getting dark starting around ~19h00, yet the guy was wearing sun glasses, and black (anti UV from the fluorescent tubes in the tram – I take my lucky guess). This one was around 12-14 years old max I’d say.

The funny thing is that they both seemed quite normal, enjoying what they were doing, without too much troubling them. Not quite a sight one sees everyday