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Is it her?

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In a world in motion [...]

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Old Italian Fiat

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Sunset in Marina di Carrara

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With feet in the water

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2 under 1 moon

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05 September, 2009

Random picture of the day: Russian submarine

Happened on a beach of Russian sea shores. A submarine getting that close to the beach. Pic below:

Russian submarine approacing beach

Source: iziSmile.com

04 September, 2009

Art. Mega art!!!

There are some people out there, that are really different than the usual man. The guy who does this from the clip below, is one of them. He’s an artist, doing this on Photoshop. Watch him create a sketch. Watch him give that sketch a shape. Watch him give that shape a real touch. Watch, enjoy, and get amazed. I know I did.

01 September, 2009

Bald American dollars

From the world wide web called Internet, I got these dollars. It is funny for these of you who are familiar enough with the faces on the dollar bills. Have a look below:

One dollar Two dollars Five dollars 10 dollars 20 dollars 50 dollars 100 dollars

Source: EnglishRussia

31 August, 2009

The dream I dream… the dream of her…

'cause when I dream, I fly to you... Last night I couldn't fall asleep at all, I spent ~ 2 h trying to get some rest... last night I felt so strange, when I thought of her... of her... it made me seek companion in something else, not in a material being - at least for the moment... so I fell asleep. I had a dream about HER, SHE again...

She used to haunt my dreams, […]

This girl is haunting my dreams... Remember I told you I dreamt about her several times, and the topic of each single dream was the same: she was missing me and she was hoping for me to forgive her and come back. Several days ago, I had this dream: I accidentally found her in a waiting room in Vienna. I see her, she sees me, I look into her eyes, but… but I do not approach. I keep on going. I passed that room without showing attention to her, but I knew she was there, watching me from behind… and I returned. When I shut the door behind me, I stopped... for some reason I stopped…

Without being too much aware of what I was doing, I opened the door to come back to that room where she was, and SHE was opening it from the inside... The crying angel jumped into my arms, crying and telling me to forgive, to come back... and I gave her the most sensitive hug I have ever gave to someone... Last night I could physically feel her tears on my face when she was hugging me crying... telling me the same thing...

Why am I having these dreams? Why does she come into my dreams when I am deeply fallen into depression and sadness? Which is the meaning of these dreams with her? Could it be me MY OWN WISH to have her back... unconscious wish? What is she feeling about this? Does SHE… ever know…? 

…and I miss. The night comes on again, and so she will. In the night she comes to haunt… As of now, I miss her, like I never missed anyone.

What is going on with me? Why is she still messing with my wrecked life?


Peace has slowly descended into my soul… feeling detached of everything right now, I close myself inside me and I wait the day of tomorrow. I wish I was free… free, just like her. I have no doubt one day I will see her again… Eye to eye…

Let me fly, let me fly… I do wanna say Goodbye…


...to me, to what I was, to what I am being caught into, for so long...

Angel in expect
Wanted to fly... but I've been held down. When I dared to raise my wings to get away... of you, of myself, there has always been something someone one dragging me down... to suck away my strength to move on... God, how... mortal, could I be??

This is me, the same student of life, the same day-dreamer, who hopes in finding an escape, in a moment of extreme self-criticism.

Japanese chair

No wonder why they are the smartest people on Earth. Their creativity and devotion to the goals they set are things to follow. In this clip you’ll see an interesting chair. Able to be stretched up to 8 meters and to sustain 200 kilos. Clip below: