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Is it her?

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In a world in motion [...]

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Old Italian Fiat

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Sunset in Marina di Carrara

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With feet in the water

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2 under 1 moon

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08 August, 2009

Not so much a dream

And I was sitting next to this tree. My entire being was filled with light, I had such a joyful peace in my soul, and I was praying. I spoke to Him. There was a continuous stream of joy that I felt, a joy without any natural reason... you know, that kind of feeling that makes your hairs stand?

At a moment, He said to me: "...and what makes you think you're an usual man?" ("...I do not know, perhaps it is the fact that I have lost faith in all that used to keep me going so far? Or maybe it is the people that I've surrounded myself with? Or maybe it is because this particular person that I've got into my life is such a character, and she takes from me even the mere freedom of having a dream of my own?)

Right after He spoke, a woman with her little baby came to this tree without a noise, without me noticing her. I was wondering why He stopped speaking... Why you stopped talking to me?

I've seen the woman and in my crazed mind, I made her go away...

The very next moment, my alarm rang. Yes, I woke up. Was all a dream -- and still puzzled out... what did you want me to see? What were you trying to show me? I'm up now, but... but also down.

07 August, 2009

...'cause I'm here, and... and you're not her

Love flows on, love flows on...

...and the memories of the days you used to be mine... struggle out to reach... it is painful to bring the old times back, and my need to escape grows stronger as each day is passing by. I look into the mirror and I can not find a trace of what I used to be... of what you made me be. Instead, I look deep within the heart, where there's what remembers me of the other world I once've been part of... It lays there, sealed, in the waiting of the day it'll be free.. and I as well. There's no other wish... and yet, I'm walking down a path out of many, which doesn't lead me to what I craving for. My awareness is not enough to stop. That's the struggle of my life, that's the burden I must bear, for once I have been blind.

The song in my heart is slowly playing a tune... sorrow and pain at a time. It has emerged from the inner depths within me, out to reach... and that's so far away. Love flows on... love flows on... and the chains are mine to carry.

'till I'll meet you in the other dimension...

06 August, 2009

First post! Hooray?

I wonder how many of you started a blog without knowing what you would be going to write about. I've have the same dillema: what would I be blogging about? What should I write? Should the blog be a part of the life I am living in the real world? Should I perhaps be blogging about the life which I am living inside? Ohh yeah, that would be so much fun to write about! Should I just just make a collection of the random things I've found online and I've stored a great deal of them on my computer also?

No, everybody can easily find that, everywhere on the web. Maybe I should be blogging about what is going on with this world we're living in? I do not know, I really don't. I guess I would just write. And the time will "profilate" me.

"This is the begining of a great friendship" -- Grga Pitic