15 August, 2009

My chinese horoscope

I took this horoscope "test", and to my surprise, it turned out to be so much accurate!!

Name: Cristian-Nicolae

Birthdate: July 30, 1984, 06:30 AM

Year: WoodRat
Month: Water Monkey
Day: Wood Ox

Characteristics of a Rat

Charming and crafty, the Rat is the epitome of action and mental stimulation. Creativity, inventiveness and innovative thinking are second nature to them. We are drawn to the charming Rat who is always in the middle of the action. They are quick thinkers who really can quickly figure how to get out of a tight spot. The down side is they sometimes have little patience for those of us who can't keep up with them. They also have a restless streak which, if not satisfied, makes them hard to live with at times. The charming Rat acquires a large number of acquaintances, but only a select few ever make it to the Rat's inner circle. For them, he will do almost anything. For everyone else, it's just business.

Positive Traits:

Active, alert, attractive, charming gregarious, imaginative, inquisitive, intuitive, inventive, resourceful, shrewd, and venturesome. It is the first sign of the Chinese zodiac; so, it fittingly represents (initiating) action. Depend on the Rat to get things moving. There is constant mental activity with the Rat. Even when they appear to be resting, be assured their minds are working full speed. Most often they are devising a scheme to earn the most money with the least work.

The crafty Rat is resourceful. What they sometimes might lack in competence, they more than make up for with their quick-thinking, shrewdness and outright deviousness. Trust the Rat to make it through the maze to the cheese.

Their charm serves them well as they are very sociable and usually enjoy parties and clubbing. The Rat thus acquires a wide circle of friends, especially since they are normally attractive to members of the opposite sex.

The clannish Rat, however, is really a private person and, despite appearances, only allows a few people into their inner circle. They cherish those dearly and will do almost anything for them.

Negative Traits:

Crafty, critical, edgy, greedy, grouchy, high strung, impertinent, manipulative, ostentatious, reckless, secretive, and stingy.

Speaking of charm, my does the Rat have and use it. They are adept at gaining your confidence and learning your secrets while holding on to their own. Furthermore, they are not beyond using the information to their advantage.

The opportunistic Rat is great at turning on the charm and manipulating people. Why even bother finding your way through the maze when you can get others to go fetch the cheese?

Because they are constantly in their heads, they are often edgy and easily agitated. Getting along with people is no problem for the Rat but make no mistake about it, they do not tolerate incompetence.

Qualities Admired: Attractiveness and a sharp mind.

Pet Peeves: Idleness and incompetence.


This definately fits you, almost to a perfect analysis. It misses on a few points, but the others are so true and maybe many times more, than what is portrayed. Funny, though, their pet peeves are only determined in their own mind. The manipulative and secretive description, should be magnifies so much more. I am sure that, allowing only a certain few in your inner circle, is so true, but no one, and no one ever gets to the absolute inner circle.

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