05 November, 2009

We’ve got street view!

Street view, street view, who’s got street view? We’ve got street view!

     I know that probably is not news anymore for somebody, but it is definitely for me. These guys from Google, they’re genuinely amazing. They’ve literally put Prague on the map… that’s right, Google MAP(s).

     Now I can go wandering around the city from the comfort of my 24” killer screen :D, and save the real thing for the summer days. As it has a tendency of turning quite coooold (brrrrr) from mid October up until end April – mid May. The weather under the influence of Siberian cold fronts.

Showing you a screen dump from Google Maps (with their new street view) of the area where I live now:

I live here

…or click here to grab the 1198x786 version. Quite a beautiful area, I’d say? But now, all that beautiful green, the crisp colors of summer, are long gone. They have been replaced by other more darker tints, by autumn. It is grey, rainy and cloudy. It gets me depressed, the memories of summer and the cold (blame Siberia02) reality outside.

This is where I work! A modern building in the heart of Prague, also street view:

And this is where I work

You can grab the 1198x786 version here.


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