21 May, 2011

Dang! -CHR error

I have a Kingston (sounds a quality brand to me) ELITE PRO 133x 16GB CF card that I use with my D700. Some months ago it gave me a CHR error. I switched camera off, removed battery + card, reinserted them both, and I could continue to take pics.

I did not pay attention to that error.

...until today. Today I've been out on a city tour and I took 77 shots. In 77 shots, two times the CHR message appeared on the LCD display and on the TFT display it would say that card might be damaged, pls replace, pls etc...

I did the same: turned camera off, removed card, reinserted card, and continued to shoot.

I am not sure why this is actually happening. Could it be because I manually uploaded some pictures on it from my computer (using a 100-in-1 card reader bought for €0.99 - shipping included, from eBay), could it be because I continued to shoot on what I previously uploaded myself manually, or...
...could it be dying on me?? Have you ever encountered the same problem? What action have you taken?

PS: the images I've uploaded manually from my HDD using that cheap card reader are D700 untouched images, which are dear to me and I want to have them on the card, so I could browse them directly from the camera. My point is: I did not upload a different kind of data on the card.


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