07 August, 2011

Cris on Flickr front page

If you use Flickr to show your photographs to the world or to browse pictures of the world, chances are you know what Explore is, or even how it works. To explain briefly, every minute of the day, there are over 3,000+ photos uploaded. The best 500 of these almost 4,500,000+ pictures/day are featured in Explore.

But to be featured on the home page of Flickr, this is something! Recently I’ve learned that my Sunset in Carrara picture was featured on the Flickr front page.

Although so far I’ve managed to get 7 of my pictures selected for Explore, I never even dreamed that one of my pictures will be displayed on the home page, making it visible to the thousands of viewers! It is not something lucrative for me, it did not bring me any revenue, but it is always such a nice reward to see my name next to my picture, on the front page of a site visited by the world’s best photographers!

Cris on Flickr Front Page

*how do I know I’ve made it to front page?


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