06 August, 2009

First post! Hooray?

I wonder how many of you started a blog without knowing what you would be going to write about. I've have the same dillema: what would I be blogging about? What should I write? Should the blog be a part of the life I am living in the real world? Should I perhaps be blogging about the life which I am living inside? Ohh yeah, that would be so much fun to write about! Should I just just make a collection of the random things I've found online and I've stored a great deal of them on my computer also?

No, everybody can easily find that, everywhere on the web. Maybe I should be blogging about what is going on with this world we're living in? I do not know, I really don't. I guess I would just write. And the time will "profilate" me.

"This is the begining of a great friendship" -- Grga Pitic


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