07 August, 2009

...'cause I'm here, and... and you're not her

Love flows on, love flows on...

...and the memories of the days you used to be mine... struggle out to reach... it is painful to bring the old times back, and my need to escape grows stronger as each day is passing by. I look into the mirror and I can not find a trace of what I used to be... of what you made me be. Instead, I look deep within the heart, where there's what remembers me of the other world I once've been part of... It lays there, sealed, in the waiting of the day it'll be free.. and I as well. There's no other wish... and yet, I'm walking down a path out of many, which doesn't lead me to what I craving for. My awareness is not enough to stop. That's the struggle of my life, that's the burden I must bear, for once I have been blind.

The song in my heart is slowly playing a tune... sorrow and pain at a time. It has emerged from the inner depths within me, out to reach... and that's so far away. Love flows on... love flows on... and the chains are mine to carry.

'till I'll meet you in the other dimension...


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