10 September, 2009

Bye, good bye, bulb



A “green” decision was recently adopted by the European Union Council, and this decision is pointing out towards the popular old-fashioned light bulbs. They have decided to ban them from the EU, and instead they’re promoting a different alternative: the more eco-friendly compact fluorescent bulbs.

In order to pursue this decision, the EU is not allowing the retailers to sell anymore these bulbs. However, they are still allowed to sell, only until they deplete their existing stocks. As EU is moving forward towards this new direction, the US is watching in background, and if everything will turn out well, this ban against the incandescent bulbs will be implemented in the US during 2012 too.


Source: http://cleantechnica.com/2009/09/10/european-union-begins-ban-of-incandescent-light-bulbs/


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