06 September, 2009

Last.FM moderator abuse?

Couple of days ago I got a friend invite on my Last.FM page (http://www.last.fm/user/xKoP) from a random girl who had Very high musical compatibility with me. So I have accepted her friend request, and I went to her profile. In her friendlist there were like 2,000+ people, and another weird thing that I could not understand is how it was possible for her to get 160,000 plays in less than 24 hours. She subscribed to Last.FM one day before she added me.

     So I went to their forums to inquire about this. Is it normal, or maybe there are some glitches in their system? I’ve started a new thread on this topic and some moderator answered and did also something else. He banned the girl. For which reason you may ask? Because she had 2,000 contacts in her friend list!!! So what is wrong with that???
The same moderator explained that this (aka Last.FM) is not MySpace where everybody is in the race to beat the friend count of Tom (the MySpace founder). What kind of lame reason is that? How could somebody get banned only because they have 2000 people as contacts?
You gotta see his description from his personal profile: “For the record: I do have a tendency to step on toes. Sometimes by accident, and sometimes on purpose.
Oh, and because of that... If you have questions or (moderator) issues, PM me, rather than shouting. I'd like to keep things a little apart.” – what does it say about him? His will should be done whenever he does not like something!
I do not know the exact reason, but it sounds like an abuse to me. He, the mighty moderator, how he bans the user, according to his will and might. Friend spamming? I do not find it fair, all I see is this mod taking advantages of the privileges that have been given to him. I wonder if it is described in their ToS this particular fact.

See the thread on Last.FM: http://www.last.fm/forum/21713/_/563193


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