23 September, 2009

Evidence that UFOs really exist?


Alien head         News, news, news! Iran’s IRGC (Islamic Revolution Guards Corps) hunted down a shinning flying object over the Persian Gulf, and the news is still hot! The unidentified flying object was part of a group, and it was the only one hit after IRGC targeted them. It sank into the waters of the Persian Gulf and at the moment I am writing this post, its remains have not yet been located. Read the whole article here.


How can there not be other life forms out there when in just our galaxy there are more than a billion stars...just stars that isn't including planets, moons, etc.? There are millions of galaxies beyond our Milky Way. Otherwise that is a whole waste of space.:) I am very much into astronomy and view regularly through a large (11") telescope. Great article. Bet they don't "find" anything. Blessings

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