25 September, 2009

NIS 2010: Symantec vs. eBay

I am a big fan of Symantec products. I have been using Norton Internet Security ever since I got my first computer. But never actually bought a license for it. Recently I was considering buying one for NIS 2010 (which is an amazing product), to use on my new computer, and mostly out of curiosity, I went searching for it on eBay. To my surprise, I was able to find it for sale on auctions starting at $0,01!! And there are several sellers who offer it for sale, and if you look at the feedback these people received from the others who bought it already, you will see that they have sold VALID licenses! See a screenshot I’ve made below, in case the auction will not be available anymore at the moment you read this post:

NIS 2010 for $1,50

...and now I am wondering. A license for NIS 2010 is somewhere around €79,99 on Symantec.com. Why would Symantec agree to provide a valid license on eBay for as little as $10 or even under?

What's the trick? Would I be getting a good deal if I go on and purchase if from eBay? Would Symantec recognize it as a valid license?



Later edit: I won the auction on eBay and I paid for it. Seller sent it to my PayPal email address, and I used it to activate. It worked. I have put the screens with activation and its status in my Norton account here: http://www.criss-ac.net/2009/09/so-it-works-nis-2010-bought-from-ebay.html


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