04 October, 2009

Online Customs Calculator

image If you’re a EU citizen and you want to get yourself some expensive equipment from outside EU, then I think you might find this post useful.







This is my case now. I am about to get myself a new camera, found it on eBay.com, from several sellers already, either Hong Kong and Australia, either the States. And since for my computer (bought also from the US) I’ve been charged customs a hell lot than the figures I’ve had set up in my head, I’ve been browsing the web for ages trying to find a decent customs calculator/ simulator, whatever. I came across this site, the European Union taxation and customs, and I thought I’d share it, maybe some of you fellows out there may need it. So here it is:


Crap! Later edit: I just found on some forum that you will be likely charged VAT, depending on the VAT regulations in your country. I live now in Czech Republic, I will most likely be charged 19%, according to WorldWide-Tax.com.


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