29 September, 2009

Dare to cross the river?

One day, being bored at work, a colleague forwarded me this game as Excel file. I had a lot of trouble solving it, so I challenge you to solve it also. It is a logical game, to begin simply press the blue round button. In order to successfully complete it, you will need to pass all the characters on the other side of the river. But this is not simple. The rules below are simple:

1. Everybody must cross the river.

2. Only 2 people can board the bridge at one time.

3. The mother cannot be with the sons without father's presence.

4. The father cannot be with the daughters without mother's presence.

5. The prisoner cannot be left alone with any member of the family.

6. Only the Police officer and the two parents can drive the bridge.

Click on a person to make that person board the bridge. To cross the river click on one of the red levers.

This game is (was) used as a test for job interviews in Japan. You have 25 minutes to solve this riddle. Top flat!


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