20 December, 2009

One story of one of my old buddies. Mario!

Guess most of you folks out there know the guy? Once I used to be a big fan, in the days when I was a kid. Now I have made these wallpapers as a tribute to the old days… to Mario times. I have created them from scratch, using Adobe Photoshop CS4. I don’t claim to be a master of digital imaging, but I do think I’ve done a pretty nice job blush2 . You can find the tutorial I’ve followed to create these images here, I wouldn’t have managed without it.

Both of these two wallpapers are 1080p, high-resolution widescreen images, 1920x1080. I will post a download link under each of them for the full-screen version. The downloaded version will be clear of my logo.

Here is the first of them, the dark-blue version. The picture is clickable, it will take you to my Flickr page, where I initially published this image.

Click to see it on my Flickr page Download the 1920x1080 version here.

Download the 1280x1024 version here.

And here is the second one, the orange version. Same here, picture is published on my Flickr page. When you click it it will take you there, without leaving this website.

Click to see it on my Flickr page

And as I said, here is the download link.

Download the 1280x1024 version here.


Thanks for watching!


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