20 March, 2011

I dream of an oval Earth

I guess 2012 has gotten into me way too much. I had a very weird dream. ‘t was about the end of the world. It was like I was playing football with my cousins, and we had two balls. Suddenly, they started going oval, instead of being perfectly spherical.

I looked at the horizon line. SAME. I thought there’s something with the geomagnetic field of the Earth, something wrong, very wrong, that causes this. Same as the balls we were playing with, the Earth itself would become oval, from the spherical shape. Craters started appearing on the surface, distances will become shorter, and hills harder to climb. I was increasingly becoming aware that… this is the end.

A space craft would crash nearby, after we were watching it losing control in mid-air. We were expecting it to crash, and it did so.

Inside there was only a man, and he survived the crash. He started unloading kittens and sheep.


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